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Our mission is to provide waterproofing services to our clients in the Southern California region. We do this for new construction as well as existing structures.

Waterproofing is necessary whenever there is any kind of penetration into a building by another adjacent structure, such as the place where a deck is built into a house. This is another service of our Carlsbad construction services.

    • Waterproof Coatings
      • Balcony Decks
      • Concrete Coatings
      • Parking Structures
      • Elastomeric Coatings
      • Repairs / Recoatings
      • Decorative Coatings
      • Pool Decks
      • Driveways
    • Below Grade Waterproofing
      • Below Grade Walls
      • Vapor Barriers
      • Planter Boxes
      • Site Drainage Systems
      • Chemical Grout Injections
    • Epoxy Coatings
      • Garage Floors
      • Warehouse Floors
      • Epoxy Injections
      • Commercial Kitchen / Bathrooms
      • Clear Sealers
    • Caulking / Expansion Joints
      • Tile / Windows / Doors
      • Concrete Tilt-up Panels
      • Concrete Block Walls
      • New & Repair Projects


Services We Provide