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10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a General Contractor in Carlsbad California

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When you make the decision to do a remodel or a renovation to your home it is an exciting one. Looking forward to the custom kitchen or new master bedroom has you eager to get started looking for the right contractor to do the work. As eager as you are, now is not the time to rush into it. Choosing the right contractor requires time and effort.

To protect yourself and make sure that this is an enjoyable experience, here are TEN questions you should ask when you are interviewing a General Contractor in Carlsbad California.

  1. Are they Licensed & Insured?
    Most cities require a contractors license. If you decide to work with one that is not licensed in the middle of the job the city can come in and shut the job down leaving you with an unfinished project.Knowing that your contractor is insured with proof is one of the most important things to have up front. Should something happen on the job and your contractor is not insured, the liability would fall on you the home owner.Hiring a Licensed and Insured Contractor will likely cost a little more than those that are not. But what is your peace of mind worth in case something bad happens?
  2. Do they have References?
    General Contractors should feel free to share with you their previous clients and also encourage you to contact them. They should also have a website that shows their great work and shows some credibility.
  3. Do they give Estimates or Quotes?
    Is there a difference and does it really even matter? Yes and Yes!! You are looking for someone to provide you with a service that can be five to six figures and that should not be based on a 3-4 hour plan. When a contractor gives you a quote it takes longer and may require some commitment from you.
  4. Do they create a proper design and plans for the project?
    Contractors that ask for plans and designs first before starting a project are trying to make sure that you are going to know right away up front what your costs are going to be for the job. It make sure that it is very clear and up front what needs to be done to complete the job. So it will save headaches and extra costs down the road.
  5. Do I need a permit? Will they get it for me?
    There are different laws for different cities. Your contractor should know this or at least be knowledgeable to find out about what is required for your job requested.
  6. What will it be like to have a contractor working at your home?
    Are they and their employees courteous? Do they have courteous subs? You and your contractor are going to be spending some time together so it is important to feel compatible.
  7. What are their timeframes?
    Some jobs can take a few months and some can take a year or more. Some jobs can not start due to weather or permit restrictions. So it is important to make it clear when the job will start and how long it will take to complete.
  8. What are the terms for deposits and final payment?
    Make sure that you read any fine print and ask ask ask questions! Be sure that the payment schedule is very clear and concise as to when payments are to be made.
  9. Is there a Warranty or Guarantee on the contractors work preformed?
    When you get a good quote and accept the contractors terms a contract will surely follow. The contract is for two parties to say what the will do and promise to follow through with what they say. Typically the contractors warranty or guarantees are included in the contract.
  10. Why Choose Them?
    Any good business will have good policies and procedures in place. You should probe them and learn as much about them as possible and their history. Ask them how they are different from other companies and what makes them stand out more so than their competitors.

Asking these 10 question when interviewing a contractor for your next project will help you make a smart, informed decision. A little bit of effort up front and lots of early planning will make your remodel or renovation go much smoother and enjoyable in the end.

If you are looking for a General Contractor here in Carlsbad California or anywhere in Southern California please feel free to contact us at 760-298-3170

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